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Industrias 9 de Julio offers three construction systems that adapt to the different requirements of clients:

Container type

Equipment constructed of sheet steel in a similar way to maritime containers, but unlike these, it is new equipment and can be manufactured to any size. Internally they are similar to the structural system and the equipment can be of the most varied, depending on the needs of use.



Equipment built with a rigid tubular structure, coated on the outside with anti-shock panels of pre-painted sheet metal and on the inside with multiple coatings of your choice. They can have any size, being built in several attachable units in case of difficulties in transporting them.




Shelters made of GRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) sandwich panels or pre-painted sheet metal and polyurethane or polystyrene in the center, with openings made of the same material. Mounted on steel profile bases and reinforcements in critical places. Lightweight, ideal for transport by helicopter or means that require low weight.



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