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Who we are

  • We are a company producing trailers housing, shelters, camps and special developments for the oil, mining, power, technology and construction.
  • All products are manufactured at our plant in July 9 (Bs. As.), From where they leave for Argentina and overseas units to team leader, laboratories, toilets, dormitories, offices, healthcare units, kitchens, dining room, etc.
  • Our philosophy is based on producing reliable products, so that they are a real solution to our customers. That is our main strength, perceived by our customers and makes more than 40 years we choose the leading companies in Argentina.



  • Our company was founded in 1972 and has since had a steady growth in production capacity and product lines. In a constantly evolving process began manufacturing trailers housing, which with the passage of time and the demands of our customers were becoming increasingly sophisticated and meeting increasing standards of strength and security. Shelters line later he developed, to finally incorporate the oil fields to the list of manufactured products. Throughout the years we have accompanied the needs of our customers, developing special products for customer satisfaction and strengthening our expertise. Throughout this process we have established a team of highly trained human resources and committed to the needs of customers.
  • We were the first company in the sector in obtaining the LCM (authorization to allow the patenting of mobile units) and certified ISO 9001-2000 (2005). Today the reality is we as one of the market leaders, innovative, with strong technological and economic base that allows us to be leaders of the sector and to undertake major and complex projects.


  • All our effort is to achieve reliable products, for that quality is the main factor to care for and develop.
  • We have our processes certified under ISO 9001-2008 standards, ensuring that the products delivered will meet the needs of users.
    We believe that quality is a dynamic concept that evolves with the growing needs of our customers, we seek to do the same and our satisfied users are witnesses.

Our clients

(ES) Petrolera LF Company SRL

(ES) Flutec Argentina

(ES) Felice Rentacar

(ES) Caminos del Atlántico

(ES) Boticelli Logistica

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